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i'm alisa.
(pronounced UH-Lisa...like monalisa;)

i am living her dream and true calling as a full-time mommy
and as a while-the-children-nap/are-at-school artist/designer.
my artwork and blog have been featured in several magazines including artful blogging.

i spend my days shnoogoling her babies, experimenting with ingredients in the kitchen, avoiding laundry, and cultivating creativity by collecting inspiration from everyday nuances, living in the moment, embracing imperfections, striving to accept every season of life, and searching for growth from every opportunity.

this is my little family.


my bff, my hero, and the leading man of my eternities (affectionately referred to as 'husband face' and 'boyfriend') isn't he adorable? i'm obsessed.


these are my amazing babies.
they are my heart and soul.
(hopefully, the simplicity of that statement conveys
how much they are my everything...)

here are some other things about me:

i love...
my husband face and crazy babies, knickknacks, notebooks, postcards, quotes, scuba diving, baked goods, camping, autumn, a perfect cup of tea, being at the right place at the right time, sunshine rainstorms, balance, passion, a hearty sneeze, a good cry, laughing obnoxiously loud at television programs, finding order in the chaos, cultivating beauty, the sound of junk sucking up into a vacuum and of fabric being cut, her insatiable wanderlust and need to travel the world with her little family, fresh flowers, asia, writing, reading, creating, making a difference, my opinion of good music and good food, feeling alive.

my life is complete because...
...i am innumerably blessed to be the mother of bo (daughter), isaiah (son), and our miracle baby aberdeen (daughter).
...i get to fall in love/make out with jared (handsome husband face) for eternity
...i am always learning, growing, evolving.
...my life is filled with dreams, music, laughter, hope, love, god, inspiration, and beauty.

i love books. 
bookshelves, book covers, books as decor...books, books, books.

books i've covered to covered...

Read the Printed Word!

Read the Printed Word!